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apples for fall splash2500x1875.jpg

new this fall


new this fall

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October special 

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of taco salad fans, we think you’ll agree our artful, Mexican-inspired (Not a Taco) Salad is más delicioso. To boot, it's gluten and dairy free. GOOOL!

The back line: romaine, purple cabbage, organic red quinoa and organic black beans. The midfield: organic tarragon corn, red onions and cherry tomatoes. The forwards: spicy naranja (orange) dressing and a trio of orange pinwheels. The MVP: BITTERMAN sal de gusano sea salt--it’s made with worms and truly the best salad finish we've ever tasted!

The Championship Cup version: add avocado or honey lime roasted shrimp. Vegans: skip the sal de gusano.

seasonal beverage 

Reenergize with a housemade blackberry lime agua fresca—the perfect compliment to your favorite fall salad.

seasonal ingredients

Roasted brussels sprouts and other fall favorites are on their way! Are you ready? Stay tuned.

grab + go 

Hankering for a healthy, super quick midday bite? Pick up a freshly premade salad at Director Park, Hassalo, Old Town, Park Square or Postal Building weekdays at lunchtime. Dash in. Jet out. SEIZE THE DAY.

other new delectables

Fresh fresh ideas: wraps and garden boxes—healthy, convenient and coming soon!