summer of awesome

Eat in season with us! Enjoy three delicious, nutritious new bowls, the SANTORINI, PSYCHOKALER and SUNDANCE, featuring fresh summer ingredients—blueberries, broccolini, sunburst squash, organic baby turnips, toasted almonds, organic kamut and millet. See menu listings.


giveback friday

We're on a mission to build HEALTHIER, STRONGER COMMUNITIES together the last Friday of every month. 

NEXT UP: August 31 benefitting First Book Portland, which distributes free and low-cost books to local children in need.

Mark your calendar and join us!


GB APPraKADABRA in se pdx


Starting August 13, you can order your favorite Garden Bar Classic salad or wrap using the Kadabra app and pick up your meal from a fresh food pod in the lobby of the Killian Pacific Building at 120 SE Clay. Super cool. Super convenient. 

Every day before lunch hour, we deliver fresh Garden Bar salads and wraps to the pod and place them in secure, refrigerated cubbies. Customers order with their smartphones and pick up their orders whenever convenient, using their phones to unlock their cubbies. We offer limited salads each day through this service, so secure your order early to avoid missing out!

Get the Kadaba app and place your order. 


two new locations

We're spreading the artisan salad love across Portland metro. Check out GB #8 in Beaverton at Progress Ridge Townsquare and GB #9 in downtown Lake Oswego at Lake View Village. Both saladeries are open daily from 11–8. 


all-new REusableBOX

Enjoying your greens on the go just got a whole lot greener. Pick up a GB REBOX today at any location and help us create less waste!

Get the full scoop on our happy REBOX and other eco containers.



Do something fresh and good in 2018! Sign up for Garden Bar's new subscriptions service and enjoy healthy, delicious salads, bowls and wraps delivered right to your Portland office every week. No long term obligations. No delivery fees. Huge convenience. Lower prices on most items.

Get the full scoop and sign up now!


grab + go 

Hankering for a healthy, super quick midday bite? Pick up a freshly premade salad at Director Park, Hassalo, Old Town, Park Square or Postal Building weekdays at lunchtime. Dash in. Jet out. SEIZE THE DAY.