celebrating the salad

Established in 2014 in Portland, Oregon, Garden Bar is THE destination for fresh, healthy, delicious salads. 

Our mission—and inspiration: give the underrated salad the love and respect it deserves. No limp iceberg lettuce. No sad tomatoes. No store-bought dressing. Only bountiful bowls of raw leafy greens tossed with locally sourced vegetables and fruits, fresh meats and cheeses, exceptional toppings and an array of housemade dressings. We serve other delectables and local beverages, too. View our menu.

We care about the environment, our community, our farmers and our people. We buy local, organic ingredients whenever we can. We change like the seasons to keep our menu fresh and exciting. We support local organizations committed to helping people lead healthier, happier, more active lives. We aim to please and love hearing from our guests. Get in touch. 

Visit one of our modern farmhouse restaurants, place your order online or let us cater your next gathering. However is your pleasure, savor our sublime salads again and again!


Ana Chaud
Founder + CEO