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Here are the nutrition facts for our salads, dressings, and premiums. As well as a list of our ingredients and allergens, and a dietary guide for the vegan, paleo, keto, and whole 30 diets.

commonly asked questions

What items are gluten free?

We do our best to provide dining options that customers with gluten sensitivity can enjoy.

We make many items without gluten, but these items still might contain trace amounts of gluten; none of our products officially can be labeled gluten free since we prepare everything in house, and we also prepare items containing gluten.

All of our dressings and most of our salads are made without gluten; our only gluten heavy items are our croutons, bagel chips and fresh bread. Our menu page includes a (gf) designation alongside salads and dressings that are gluten free.

What items are dairy free?

Many of our salads can be made dairy free by eliminating some ingredients. Most of our dressings are dairy free. Our menu page includes a (df) designation alongside salads and dressings that are dairy free.

We prepare wheat, eggs, soybeans, milk, peanuts, tree nuts and fish at our restaurants. Our operations involve shared cooking and preparation areas, so the possibility exists for food items to come in contact with other food products. We are unable to guarantee that any menu item can be completely free of allergens.

What items are vegan friendly?

Our Bliss Detox and at least one of our sesaonal specials are vegan. Many of our other salads can be made vegan by eliminating some ingredients and, if needed, substituting a vegan dressing (we have many vegan dressing options). Our menu page includes a (v) designation alongside salads and dressings that are vegan.

Our staff is happy to help you create a delicious vegan salad!

What items are allergen free?

We handle allergens at our restaurants, including dairy, soy, tree nuts, seeds, eggs, wheat and others. While we take precautions to keep ingredients separate, we cannot guarantee that any of our foods or beverages are allergen-free, as we use shared equipment to store, prepare and serve them. Our staff is not allowed to suggest or advise on the safety of our ingredients.

If you have allergies, please read our ingredients and allergens list and/or ask our staff to provide you with the list at one of our restaurants.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source our ingredients from different farms all over the region. The mix of farms is constantly shifting to guarantee we get the highest quality and freshest products available. Our head chef invests a lot of time sampling, tasting and meeting with farmers to ensure we are serving our guests the very best!

Are Garden Bar's ingredients organic?

We purchase organic ingredients whenever possible and practical.

The availability of organic ingredients varies. Some of our farmers grow their produce organically but are not currently organically certified. We do not market our ingredients as organic or organically grown. We are happy to let you know what organic ingredients we have available. Please see our menu, which lists our organic ingredients as such, and/or inquire at one of our restaurants.

We strive to serve big, beautiful salads using the best possible ingredients while providing great value. We wish 100% of our ingredients could be organic all the time, but if we used only organic ingredients, the prices of our salads would exceed what people are willing to pay for them.