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loyalty program


join and save

As a member of our loyalty program, you’ll earn points toward free salads. You'll also enjoy member bonus days, happy hour specials and more. If you’re a salad lover, it’s a no-brainer.

To sign up, visit one of our restaurants and let your cashier know you want to join the program. All we need is a valid email address.

Once enrolled, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the details:

—how to view your rewards card and balance online*
—a link to add value to your card
—a QR code you can use to redeem points

*Tip: Save your rewards card to your homescreen to check and redeem points easily.

To accrue points automatically,

—link a credit card (or multiple ones) to your account; points will be added whenever you use a linked card to pay

—use your loyalty program email for online orders

Don't want to link a card to your account? No problem. Simply ask your cashier to pull up your account when you pay for your order (or pick up your online order); we'll make sure your points are added.


commonly asked questions

Three easy steps:

1| The next time you’re at Garden Bar, ask your cashier to pull up your account information before you pay.
2| Pay with the credit card you want to link to your loyalty account.
3| You’ll receive an email asking you to authorize the link. Click to authorize, and you’re set—every time you use your linked card, your points will post to your account automatically!

I'm not online. How do I check my points balance?

At the restaurant, ask your cashier to

—pull up your account information
—print, text or email your receipt, which shows your balance at the bottom

How can I use my points to get free salads?

Once you earn 100 points, you’ll be able to use them towards Garden Bar purchases.

—100 points = $10
—each additional 10 points over 100 = $1 (130 points = $13 and so on)

To redeem your points, ask your cashier to pull up your account using your email address or phone number. Once your reward is confirmed, redeem away!

How do I sign up for birthday rewards and what are they?

To sign up for birthday rewards, click on the link in your welcome email to our loyalty rewards program. If you miss your welcome email, no worries—drop us a line and we’ll resend it. The first day of your birthday month, you’ll receive a $10 discount valid all month long. The discount automatically will be applied to the first order you place that month. Happy birthday, love Garden Bar!

Can I use my points or gift card with an online order?

Yes! You’ll first need to secure your order online using your credit card. When you pick up at the restaurant, let your cashier know you’d like to redeem your loyalty points or use your gift card. Your cashier will change your method of payment in a flash.

Do I need to create an account online to earn and redeem points?

No. Having an online account simply enables you to save your name, order history; an online account does not provide any substantive loyalty program benefits.

To have your online order points automatically added to your account, simply use a linked credit card as form of payment. Don't have a linked card? No problem! Just ask your cashier to apply the points to your loyalty account, when you pick up the order.