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garden bar express


what is garden bar express?

It’s a weekly salad day at your workplace that makes eating healthy and delicious easy and hassle free for your whole team—no trudging out in the rain or waiting in line, and no delivery fees. 10 or more employees are needed to sign up.

how does it work?

1| On the morning of your scheduled day, we send a reminder email to your office.

2| Team members place their orders online by midmorning.

3| We deliver fresh salads to your building by lunchtime.

BONUS: You and your colleagues get your greens on while earning loyalty points.


why do it?

1| To boost employees' health, happiness and productivity

—eating fresh vegetables increases brain power and efficiency
—lunch breaks will be quicker—and drier :)

2| To lower healthcare costs and reduce sick days

healthier food choices = healthier eating = healthier staff

3| To boost company perception

offering healthy food from a local, quality brand is good for your organization's image and culture

4| Because it costs nothing

—no set-up or delivery fees
—just an elevated amenity of fresh, healthy meals conveniently available through a trusted local brand

schedule your salad day today

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