greener greens

our eco mojo 

We’re proud to offer three great ways to get your favorite salads to go with LESS WASTE.


a| GB rebox

Nourish…rinse…repeat... with a Garden Bar reusable box. Now available at all locations and as easy as 1-2-3!

1| Ask your GB Chef to pack your salad in a Rebox*
2| Enjoy your meal, then give your Rebox a light rinse
3| Return it on your next visit, and we'll pack your next salad in a clean Rebox
*$10 refundable deposit applies


b| GO box

Reusable to-go containers you can drop off and reuse around town.


c| GB to-go bowls

Our regular to-go containers are biodegradable; they’re made from corn-based compostable plastic that decays into natural materials!