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a variety of formats to fit your event

Take your lunch meeting or private party to new healthy, delectable heights with Garden Bar catering!

—Service is available Monday–Sunday from 10:30 until 7p.
—Order 24-48 hours in advance of delivery/pick-up depending on your order size.
—Delivery is available on orders totaling $100 or more for a $20 fee.
—100% compostable service ware is available (extra charge) 

Check out our catering menu and format options, then send us your event details or get in touch below to get started. 

1| bin salads

Treat your group to bins of green greatness. Our 160-oz bins serve 4–6 people each. Choose one or several of our thoughtful creations.

You also can order bin salads online or visit one of our locations. 100% compostable/recyclable serviceware is included. 

2| bushel + basket salads

Order a variety of salad bushels and/or baskets for your group. Bushels are 48 oz; baskets are 32 oz. Both are single-serving sizes. 

Event/meeting/party-goers may choose one of our creations or create their own sumptuous bowls  from our assortment of inspiring ingredients. 

You also can order bushel and basket salads online or visit one of our locations. 

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3| mix + match

Order a combination of bin/bushel/basket salads—plus wraps, sides, desserts and beverages—befitting the size and taste buds of your group. 

For more information, email or call 971.303.2960. 
We'll be in touch soon!

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hassle-free delivery methods

Hankering for a fabulous salad but unable to travel to your nearest Garden Bar? We’ve got you covered on delivery in a variety of ways, whether you’re flying solo or feeding a group. 

1| Garden Bar catering

We deliver in Portland as part of our in-house catering program. SCROLL UP to learn more about Garden Bar catering.

2| Portland Pedal Power

Have your salads delivered to your home or office in downtown, NW or inner SE/NE Portland sustainably by bicycle!

Click on the Portland Pedal Power logo to place your order or learn more. Connect with PPP by phone at 503.764.1415.  Minimum order is $25; minimum lead time is 45 minutes.


3| Caviar

Enjoy fast delivery by courier and real-time GPS tracking across Portland. Click on the  Caviar link for your Garden Bar location to place your order or learn more.

4| Amazon Restaurants

Enjoy speedy delivery through Amazon Prime Now Restaurants. Click on the Amazon Restaurants logo for your Garden Bar location to place your order or learn more.

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No time to wait in line or park? No problem—order ahead with the FlyBuy app and enjoy curbside pickup!  FlyBuy is available at these Garden Bar locations:

—pearl district | brewery blocks             —old town
—downtown | park square                     —downtown | director park
—se division

 Click on the FlyBuy logo to download the free app and learn more.