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Summer of Awesome is Here

 photo Valerie Fidan

photo Valerie Fidan

We’re taking fresh, health and delicious to new heights with our summer bowls and seasonal ingredients—blueberries, broccolini, sunburst squash, organic baby turnips, toasted almonds, organic kamut and millet! Get some today, tomorrow, the next day…

organic baby spinach, butter lettuce, blueberries, greek feta, red onions, toasted almonds, chia seeds, charred lemon vinaigrette (gf) 

kale, organic kamut, organic baby turnips, chèvre, cherry tomatoes, pepitas, fresh herbs, honey mustard vinaigrette (v)

organic arugula, millet, broccolini, sunburst squash, organic rainbow carrots, spicy sunflower seeds, house vinaigrette (gf, v) 

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