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Living Well with POINT Gym

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We continue to connect with inspirational Portlanders making a difference in the health and wellness segment. This month we got to speak with Kimberly, Melissa and Madeline of POINT Gym and Kitchen. 

1| Name, studio, role

We are Kimberly Alexander, Melissa Sher, and Madeline Schaefer of POINT Gym and Kitchen. We work as a team to address health from multiple angles. Kimberly and Melissa are the owners, founders, head coaches, and outdoor guides at POINT Gym and Kitchen. Madeline offers Holistic Yoga Therapeutics and Primal Vinyasa. All three of us are Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and offer individual nutrition services and workplace wellness presentations. 

2| What does your weekly fitness routine look like? 

Diversity in training is the key to long-term health and wellness. With strength, agility, MovNat, and Primal Vinyasa classes, POINT Gym provide the variety needed in an indoor training environment. We also recommend movement in the outdoors as a necessary part of your week. For us our week looks like POINT classes complemented by trail running, hiking, biking, or just playing around at a park like a kid might do! 

3| If you could only do one exercise/movement which would it be and why? 

This is an impossible question to answer because isolating movement to any one exercise would result in inefficiencies elsewhere. But if we HAD to pick one we would say weighted barefoot trail walking. Why? Because walking is really the "one" movement humans evolved to do every single day, and we are meant to walk for the purpose of collecting things to carry from one place to another. We would recommend starting with simple walking (in your shoes) - get outside and enjoy the day! Then graduate to barefoot walking, preferably on uneven terrain for even more neurological stimulation. Then walk with a variety of objects... a backpack, a kid, some kettlebells... Change it up and challenge your body to stabilize in different ways. 

4| What foods are absolutes in your diet? 

The only food that is an absolute for everyone is water. There are so many "superfoods" that come and go depending on market trends, but the truth is, kale isn't necessarily good for everyone. We each have our own bio-individual nutrient needs based on a variety of factors. The goal of Nutritional Therapy is to determine these needs to support optimal health for each unique person. Our personal diets consist of a variety of nutrient-dense whole foods... and let's be honest... some good coffee and super dark chocolate. ;)

5| What foods do you most try to avoid? 

Again, we try not to live in absolutes, but generally speaking, vegetable oils are inflammatory in the body and should be avoided by everyone. These would include canola, sunflower, safflower, and soybean oil. If you are looking for a ready-to-consume "food" to avoid we would say that beverages such as soda, energy drinks, and commercial sports drinks disrupt your gut lining, spike your blood sugar, and actually dehydrate you.  

6| What quote or philosophy most resonates with you right now? 

Kimberly: Whenever you say no to something you are also saying yes to something else. 

Melissa: There is nothing more badass than being who you are. 

Madeline: There are no wrongs. There are no rights. There are only consequences. 

7| Any advice for hitting those 2018 health goals? 

Our main advice for your 2018 health goals is to steer away from making health a big resolution that you visit once or twice a year and instead make small, manageable changes over a longer period of time that will ultimately lead to health just being part of your lifestyle.  

8| Anything else you want to include! 

We believe health is an act of service. When we are strong and healthy it allows us to be present for those around us; we are better able to help when it is needed. Taking care of yourself is and always has been a part of life. Find what works for you; it looks different for everyone, but you should like what you do and it should make you feel good all day long!

Kimberly Alexander & Melissa Sher, NTPs
Owners/Head Coaches
POINT Gym and Kitchen