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Living Well with Sarah of Industrial Barre


We’re celebrating the PHENOMENAL WOMEN of Portland who share Garden Bar’s commitment to health and wellness, real food and community. Every week, we interview one of Portland’s amazing individuals who, in her own special way, inspires us to lead healthier lives and strengthens our community. This week, we talked with Sarah Boly, owner and founder of Industrial Barre.

Tell us a bit about yourself: how you got into fitness/health, what you do at work, what you enjoy doing when you’re not working, etc.

Growing up I spent years at the barre in ballet classes and was a classically trained ballerina through the Royal Academy of Dance. When it came time to choose a college and major, I stuck with my dance dreams and then added a minor in Physical Education and Health. After I graduated, I found my way to a barre studio and began taking classes. I began teaching and after a few years decided to branch off and open my own studio. I still teach and I also manage three Industrial Barre locations. I enjoy spending time with my family - my husband and I have a 12 week old baby boy and two poodles. 

What brought you to Portland?

I moved to Portland on a whim in 2010. I had a few friends and I loved the quality of life I experienced while visiting. 

Who inspires you? Why?

I am inspired by my clients. Watching clients work their hardest and challenging themselves reminds me why I opened Industrial Barre - to help people become better versions of themselves. 

What one or two things do you do every day or week to stay healthy?

I take class at the studio multiple times a week and I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables so that I can get away with dessert! 

Outside of your studio, how are you involved in the PDX community?

I am a member of the Junior League of Portland. It is an organization of women that promotes volunteerism, develops the potential of women and improves the community. For the past several years I was on the Stop Human Trafficking committee and worked to spread awareness. I've also just recently partnered with Andrea Fenton (owner of RidePDX) to launch Industrial Ride, one of the premiere spin experiences in Oregon. 

What’s your favorite GB salad?

I love that Kale Caesar Salad or I will often build my own. 

What’s your favorite GB ingredient?

I love the Pink Peppercorn Dressing! Every time I build a salad I get it!

Join Sarah and her team for an inspiring workout at Industrial Barre, 1911 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR 97232