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Living Well with Katie Cosgrove of Namaste on Williams


Our love of Portland just keeps growing along with our love of the strong women focused on inspiring healthy lifestyles.

As part of our Living Well series, this week we talk to Katie Cosgrove of Namaste on Williams.

Name, studio, role

Katie Cosgrove , Namaste On Williams , Vinyasa yoga Instructor

Tell us a bit about yourself: how you got into fitness/health, what you do at work, what you enjoy doing when you’re not working, etc.

I started practicing yoga when I was about 19 and absolutely loved it from the first class I attended. I didn't really think about becoming an instructor until I had my first job after college though. I was teaching first grade and realized it was taking away from my time to practice yoga. I knew then that I needed to make yoga my main focus so I went to India to get my certification. It's been all yoga ever since.

Besides teaching, I'm a full time mama. I have a one year old girl and she takes up pretty much all of my time. If I do get a rare moment to myself, I try to go take a class or spend some much needed time with friends or my significant other. I love hiking and the beach and just spending time outdoors.


What brought you to PDX?

I am from here originally but spent the last 12 years traveling, living and studying all over the world. Most recently I was living and teaching in San Francisco. We moved back here to start a family.



Who inspires you? Why?

My grandma Joan. She has faced a lot of adversity but I have never heard her complain. She's legally blind and has hiked, biked, ran, climbed every mountain, completed marathons and relays (including hood to coast). I can't think of a more inspiring person. I even named my daughter after her.


What one or two things do you do every day or week to stay healthy?

I try to get some form of exercise everyday. Even if it's just 10 minutes of yoga or a walk to the park. I also love smoothies! I make them pretty much everyday for me and my family.


Outside of your studio, how are you involved in the PDX community?

I actually just organized and taught a fundraiser event where we raised money to donate to SEI. A local nonprofit that benefits underserved youth. It was my first event like this but I hope to do more in the future!


What’s your favorite GB salad?

I love the NW bowl!


What’s your favorite GB ingredient?

Hemp seeds! I use these all the time at home too.