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Living Well with Carolynn + Ellie of MegaBurn Fitness

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This week we're shining the light on two inspirational female business owners in the fitness community. In just 7 months, these ladies have made their mark in Portland:  MegaBurn Fitness  recently won Willamette Week's 'Best Pilates Studio'. 

Living Well Interview with Co-Owners of MegaBurn Fitness Ellie Goodwin + Carolynn Koznarsky
Living Well Interview with Co-Owners of MegaBurn Fitness Ellie Goodwin + Carolynn Koznarsky.jpg
Living Well Interview with Co-Owners of MegaBurn Fitness Ellie Goodwin + Carolynn Koznarsky
Living Well Interview with Co-Owners of MegaBurn Fitness Ellie Goodwin + Carolynn Koznarsky


1| Studio + role

Together we opened the doors to MegaBurn Fitness in November 2016. Our studio is the only in PDX to offer workouts on the Megaformer M3S. We have 10 machines and offer both private training, as well as group classes. Each 45-minute class is effective, intense, inspiring, and fun: think Pilates that makes you sweat! Our classes are unique in the sense that we offer a high-intensity workout without impact. MegaBurn workouts are designed to strengthen, lengthen, and sculpt every muscle in your body. We both fell in love with this workout years ago as trainers, because the workout is so incredibly challenging and at the same time, therapeutic for your body. We opened MegaBurn Fitness to share our love for this workout and to foster a community that is body positive, supportive, and celebrates one another’s progress.

2| Tell us a bit about yourself: how you got into fitness/health, what you do at work, what you enjoy doing when you’re not working, etc.

EG: I took my first Mat Pilates class about 14 years ago and fell in love with group fitness: the energy, the camaraderie, the support, and the fun of it all. I began teaching shortly after my first class and have taught it all over the years: Pilates, Spin, Barre, Kickboxing, Step Aerobics, Yoga, etc. While I love lots of other forms of fitness, I’m obsessed with the Megaformer. The workout never gets easier; you just get stronger. At MegaBurn I teach classes and am responsible for training and on-going education with our team. We believe as a studio that there is always room for growth and fine-tuning your craft. It’s important to us that our trainers are the most knowledgeable in the city, to keep our clients consistently challenged and safe. When I’m not at the studio I spend my time with my husband and two puppies. You can find us at the Woodstock Dog Park or at home making food. We love to eat and experiment in the kitchen; basically every day at our house looks like an episode of “Chopped.” We also love to adventure to new places. Our next trip is Vietnam!

CK: When I started my fitness journey, I was lifting for pure aesthetics, to look a part, to play a role. There were moments of satisfaction, but they were brief and frankly, superficial. After hitting a few plateaus early on, I began delving deeper into the wellness aspect of “health & fitness”. My realities and perceptions of what strong actually is, were changed. My motivations for a well-balanced, fit life became all about how I FEEL. Fitness is such a huge tool I use to be able to feel strong and to feel clear minded. The Megafromer is a big part of my cross training plan, because it allows me to to train my mind to accept and be with the burning sensation that comes from extended time-under-tension. When I am teaching, I bring everyone in my class to a point where we are challenging muscles and minds. When i’m not teaching or training I am with my 8 year old son. We love play-dates and going to The Children’s Gym for gymnastics lessons.  

3| What brought you to PDX?

EG: I grew up in Salem (45 minutes south of PDX) and always knew after I finished my degree at Willamette University, that I would move to Portland. That was 9 years ago and I’ve been here every since.

CK: I was born and raised on the East Coast and moved to Portland sight unseen 7 years ago.  

4| Who inspires you? Why?

EG: Wow. I am inspired daily by my clients, by our trainers: Stephanie Field & Chelsea Crest, and by my business partner, Carolynn Koznarsky. My clients inspire every class with their hustle, hard-work, progress, and determination. I’m inspired by Stephanie and Chelsea’s individual approaches to group fitness, their work ethic and desire to be their very best. I’m inspired always by Carolynn, because she dreams big and made our studio a reality.

CK: I will always be inspired by my mother. My mother owns her space and blazes trails towards self-acceptance. I admire her for not only living her truth but speaking her truth in an unaccepting, judgmental world. Ellie gets shit done, her work ethic, time commitment , and sheer will-power brings out the best qualities in those she is around . It is undeniable the chemistry her and I have, and the power that comes with our partnership. She is a daily inspiration.  

5| What one or two things do you do every day or week to stay healthy?

EG: I move every single day, whether I take a class, squeeze in a quick workout on my own, or go for a hike with the puppies. I also try to eat veggies in every meal.

CK: I see a naturopath every week for a Myer’s Push. The vitamins and immune support helps me to avoid sickness. 

6| Outside of your studio, how are you involved in the PDX community?

EG: I am a believer in community over competition and regularly workout with and support other fitness studios in PDX. I am also passionate about Planned Parenthood and regularly attend events, volunteer, and donate to their cause. We also recently hosted 2 fundraisers at MegaBurn to support our community: one for Dress for Success Oregon and another to benefit the National Veteran’s Foundation. I absolutely believe in giving back to your community and that a rising tide lifts all boats.

CK: I cross train all over the city and love finding other passionate trainers who teach killer classes. Valerie Fidan and I run Fit Life PDX and we are constantly hosting pop-up events at the best studios in town, with the best trainers. We bring local brands and groups of people together to try new workouts. I have met so many badass entrepreneurs that want to take part in building a strong and supportive Portland community. 

7| What’s your favorite GB salad?

EG: I”m obsessed with the Kale Chicken Caesar! I love that Basil Caesar dressing-it’s so addicting!

CK: YES , going with Ellie on this one, Kale Chicken Ceasar!

8| What’s your favorite GB ingredient?

EG: Definitely the Basil Caesar dressing!

CK: Fresh Avocado all day!