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Living Well With Galen of YoYoYogi

We’re celebrating the PHENOMENAL WOMEN of Portland who share Garden Bar’s commitment to health and wellness, real food and community. Every week, we interview one of Portland’s amazing individuals who, in her own special way, inspires us to lead healthier lives and strengthens our community. Then we share our conversation on social media. In carrots—and empowering women—we trust!

meet the fabulous GALEN TORREY FAIRBANKS

 Galen Torrey Fairbanks, YoYoYogi, Studio Operations Manager & Yoga Instructor

Galen Torrey Fairbanks, YoYoYogi, Studio Operations Manager & Yoga Instructor

1| Studio + role

Galen Torrey Fairbanks, YoYoYogi, Studio Operations Manager & Yoga Instructor 

2| Tell us a bit about yourself: how you got into fitness/health, what you do at work, what you enjoy doing when you’re not working, etc.

I’ve been active for most of my life - growing up playing sports and dancing - but yoga didn’t become a constant in my life until about 4 years ago when I took my yoga teacher training at YoYoYogi. Since that time, my role at YoYoYogi has evolved organically - from subbing classes and working the front desk, to teaching four weekly classes and starting as Operations Manager in January. It’s a small business, so I have a hand in many different arenas - everything from events and scheduling to customer service and teacher trainings. It’s always new and interesting and keeps me on my toes! I love to eat so when I’m not working, I’m either going out or preparing a big meal at home with my husband. I love the entire experience of a good meal.

3| What brought you to PDX?

A leap of faith! I was in desperate need of a career and lifestyle change and felt Portland would best support that. I spent 10 years growing up in Eugene, so Portland felt familiar, yet new. 

4| Who inspires you? Why?

I’m constantly inspired by my good friend and fellow yoga instructor, Isabel Allen. She has a knack for bringing her classes to life through storytelling. 

5| What one or two things do you do every day or week to stay healthy?

I try my very best to make it to 2-4 yoga classes each week. My schedule doesn’t always allow it, but I find that it’s incredibly important for my mental health and keeps my teaching fresh. Sleep is non-negotiable. I strive to get at least 8 hours a night! 

6| Outside of your studio, how are you involved in the PDX community?

I love the arts and get to as many shows as possible around town to support them. I’m a season ticket holder at Portland Center Stage, but I love it all - dance, music, art - I can’t get enough! 

7| What’s your favorite GB salad?

Kale Chicken Caesar with romaine and avocado.

8| What’s your favorite GB ingredient?

Avocado hands down! I put avocado on nearly everything I eat and even put them on my wedding registry!

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