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Living Well with Paige of Honest Training

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Paisley Meekin
Honest Training

Tell us a bit about yourself: how you got into fitness/health, what you do at work, what you enjoy doing when you’re not working, etc.
My mom was a health nut growing up so I became fluent in health related topics from a young age.  In elementary school I knew about organic fruits and vegetables!  So that was my real intro to health simple_smile  My interest in nutrition never left and I studied nutrition in collage (I have a degree in Dietetics).  Fitness was always part of my life, I played sports in high school and cont. running til this day.  I never thought I was going to be a personal trainer though, I was on track to become a dietitian.  I quickly realized that the hospital environment was not for me so I needed to make a decision about some sort of direction.  I chose personal training not really thinking it would be my career but it ending up being my total dream job!  I did personal training for just a few year before starting group fitness and opening up my own studio.  I now specialize in small group training, corrective exercise and indoor cycling.  It's so much fun!  Running a business can be challenging but it's worth it.  I laugh out loud every day at LEAST once.  The community of Honest is amazing, fun and supportive.  

What brought you to PDX?
I didn't want to buy a car simple_smile  I was a hard core bike commuter for many years and Portland was the perfect city for me with all it's bike lanes!  I fell in love with the openness, weirdness, it's rainy, coffee, foodie culture.  

Who inspires you? Why?
My clients.  I see everyone working so hard to improve themselves and it makes me want to work hard too. 

What one or two things do you do every day or week to stay healthy?
TONS of water!  Daily movement, lots of veggies!  Oh and hanging out with my dog Scout.

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Outside of your studio, how are you involved in the PDX community?
I love yoga.  If you don't see me at my studio I am likely at a local yoga studio