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Day 11 - 30 Day Revamp Struggles...


Anyone who has seen me in a yoga class can agree that balance is not exactly my strong suit. My plane pose looks more like my plane is about to be a plane crash not a graceful machine in flight. 
I will admit that my diet is another area in which I struggle with balance.

Week One? Rocked it.

Week Two? Taking a long ride on the struggle bus.

While permission was granted from the lovely Abby to enjoy a burger at the beach, I managed to abstain until Tuesday night. Unfortunately it was way harder than anticipated to pump the brakes on an almost total binge. I can't tell you how bad my stomach hurt on Wednesday. It is pretty crazy how quickly your body adjusts to eating healthier foods and how bad you feel eating crap.

My work and personal life has gotten busier and adding in all these new health and fitness routines has been an adjustment. It feels a bit like my boat might capsize and all I want to do is self medicate and eat my feelings.

I will not claim that I have this balance thing figured out but I'm taking a hard look at my habits. I am already discovering that there is beauty in having the glass of wine because you earned it and not drinking the whole bottle. I didn't want to go to BurnCycle today AT ALL but I got up and went. It was hard but you know what I'm stronger than I was yesterday and that's what this challenge is all about for me. Each day proving to myself that I am better than the day before.


Rachel!  The honeymoon period is over and now the day to day work has creeped in on you.  This is completely normal and why I am excited that we are working together for 30 days.  We get to work through the ups and downs of your journey TOGETHER.

Find that sweet spot- BALANCE- where you get to enjoy that burger without binging and sabotaging your efforts is KEY, and you are doing it, step by step!  It takes practice but is do-able.

I am super proud of you.  You are working through this baby step, by baby step!  


1) Take a minute today to plan your weekend meals- yep, by now you are understanding that planning and prepping is the KEY. And it gets easier the more you do it.

2) Stock up on Kevita probiotic drinks or Kombucha. You can pour these into a wine or martini glass and enjoy your non-alcoholic drink along with everyone. This has been a huge help for detoxers in the past. You can add a lemon or lime wedge and drinking out of your martini glass will make you feel special.

3) Treat yourself to something special to do this weekend that is non-food related. Sign up for yoga class, get a message, mani-pedi, go on a family hike, make a cup of tea and read a book, take an Epsom salt bath, get a facial......

You get the gist, but do something special for yourself this weekend. You have been working so hard and you deserve it!

Onward and Upward!

Abby Bliss White
Holistic Health Coach, CHHC, AADP