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Day 5 - Ending the Week Feeling Good


Hiya Challenge friends! 

Wahoo! First week down! Did my weigh in this morning and I am down 4 lbs! BOOM. I'm done right?! FALSE. Still a long ways to go! After a discouraging day yesterday when all I wanted to do was eat my feelings, I woke up refreshed after a good nights of sleep and resolved to do better today. So I doubled down on the classes. Went to BurnCycle this morning. Not as scary, way more packed and still sweated my face off. I think I hit approximately two beats on beat as well! SELF HIGH FIVE! Just killing the game over here friends.

Then I was so sore from spin classes, I went to YoYoYogi with my friend for a lunchtime yoga class. While I was only able to do about 25% of the poses on account of my sore muscles, I still felt much better! I also doubled down on the protein for my salad from Garden Bar to help with that muscle recovery!

Heading to the beach this weekend and taking my leftover salads with me for some added greens! I am attempting balance like Abby talked about so won't likely avoid all the wine available to me but I won't drink a bottle by myself!

See you all next week and feel free to follow me @geerachel on twitter for the obligatory beach photos I'll be posting.