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Day 3 - Skittles and Rainbows


Day 3 - Holler Challenge buddies! Did y'all see Donald Trump Jr. call refugees SKITTLES this week? They were already my favorite candy but the response from Mars Inc. was perfect. Speaking of rainbows, Abby and other nutritionists will tell you that you've got to eat the rainbow when health is your goal. Although I have to agree with Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jones' Diary "there is an alarming lack of blue food." 

Another key to health and wellness is to cook. It is so easy to swing through a store or grab a quick bite from an eatery within walking distance of your house (they know me as Batman at East Side Deli to give you an idea of how often this is my life) instead of cooking a nutritious meal at home. However, I've found it's so much better to make dinner instead of grabbing dinner even though it requires a bit more work.

Thanks to the plethora of recipes from the Bliss Method, I was at the store last night filling up my cart with a rainbow of fruits and veggies. I stoked my OCD tendencies and arranged my purchases in ROY G BIV order when I got home. After that I was busy making salad for dinner, soup for dinner tonight and kale chips and crispy snack peas for snacks when those cravings hit!

Having healthy choices at the ready is key! 


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