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30 Day Revamp - Day 2


Hello Revamp buddies!

I slept like a boss last night thanks to Abby's 1 hour prior to bed blackout of screen time. (Apologies to all my late night scrabble buddies that I might neglect over the next few weeks!) Did some reading today on the sleep habits of people I respect and if you want to be successful and healthy, the key is sleep apparently!

Second day of the challenge and today's struggle is to not think I'm on a diet. I keep reminding myself that this is how I eat now. Definitely wanted a sandwich at lunch so enjoyed the Schoolyard Bounty Salad Special instead. The salad has potatoes on it that I am happy to report stuck with me all day because being hungry 2 seconds after you've just eaten is about as much fun as a hangnail. 

Besides being delicious, a portion of the sale of each of those salads will be donated to Schoolyard Farms to support their mission within the Portland community. Get in and grab one!

Next up, my first spin class at BurnCycle! (nervous face emoji)

Thanks everyone!