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30 Day Healthy Lifestyle Revamp - Looking for a Participant!



Thank you for the great response - we have been overwhelmed by the number of entries and enthusiasm.  We will respond to everyone that applied prior to September 13th at 10am before the end of the week.

Thank you and have a happy and healthy week!


Have you been in a healthy lifestyle slump?

Need a plan and a friendly support team to get moving in the right direction?

Willing to take share your journey publicly? 

We are looking for ONE enthusiastic and committed person to participate in a 30 Day Healthy Lifestyle Revamp.

For 30 days Bliss Holistic Health, Garden Bar, YoYoYogi Fitness, and Burn Cycle will provide our participant with:

- practical nutrition coaching

- sustainable menu plans

- nutritious salads and dressings

- restorative yoga

- invigorating cycle classes

- and lots of positive encouragement and accountability!

If you, or someone you know, are serious about committing to a healthier lifestyle and would like to take part, please send a brief description of why you want to participate and why you think this challenge would be a good fit for you. 

Email to marketing@gardenbarpdx.com

Please note: There is no cost to participate but you will be asked to write weekly journal entries that will be shared on social media platforms.