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Making Change in Our Public School Lunch Program


When Chris and I started GARDEN BAR, part of the vision was to bring salads and nutritious food to kids and schools, and eventually help change our public school system lunch program.

Recently, we learned about Schoolyard Farms, a local non-profit that teaches kids how to grow nutritious food that goes from their schoolyard to their plate. They do this by building mini-production farms on underused schoolyards that act as outdoor classrooms. What better synergy could happen between two organizations?

Yesterday, we were guest chefs at their Summer Camp, and spent some time with the kids teaching them how to put all the goodness together into a delicious salad!

This Fall we will design a special salad for Schoolyard, and hope to spread the word about this amazing organization. Teaching kids early on how to eat is the best gift we can give them.

The dream is starting to come true. We will continue the journey and hopefully bring this amazing experience to more and more kids in the community!

A special thanks to Scott S Hargrove for making this happen.

Together, we build healthy communities.