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Garden Bar Named One of Portland's Best Grab n Go Lunch Spots!


We are completely flattered to be named one of Portland's Best Grab n Go Lunch Spots by www.goop.com ! Criteria described as:

"Quick, packable, healthy lunch recipes are very much our jam—but we all have those days when pre-planning a week’s worth of meals, much less an emergency trip to the grocery store, just isn’t in the cards. The grab-and-go spots below offer low-maintenance alternatives to a packed lunch and, for the most part, won’t set you back from your clean eating goals..." 

"Think of Garden Bar as the Sweetgreen of Portland. Mix-your-own salads (or choose from a few well-executed menu items) that are mixed and tossed for you on site. The advantage of going local for a quick salad joint? Most of the organic vegetables on order are sourced from Oregon farmers. There are also locations in the Pearl DistrictOld Town, and Park Square."

Thanks for sharing the love goop! 

Check out Garden Bar on goop.com: