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Day 30 - She did it!


Well hello Challenge buddies! It's been 30 days and a lot of work but I have lost almost 12 lbs and 5 inches! I achieved my personal goals of building healthier fitness and eating habits over the 30 days and I'm excited to keep going! Here are some things I've learned a long the way:

1. What goes in, must come out

It is crazy what a difference eating right makes on your sleep, mental health, energy and your digestion. If you eat like sh*t, you're going to feel like sh*t. There is no way around it. This was one of the biggest lessons I learned. I didn't realize how much I felt like crap and how good I could feel until I started really adjusting my eating. I truly didn't get tired of salads and now that I've been eating like this for a month, it's hard to go back to eating the crap I normally would! 

2. If it was easy, everyone would do it

There were a lot of mornings that the last thing I wanted to do was go to a spin class or yoga. There were a lot of nights I wanted pizza, burgers, burritos and a big sandwich than the healthy item I had on my menu plan from Abby. It wasn't easy to redirect my brain and my stomach away from the choices that I knew would keep me from my goals but I can't tell you how much easier it got over time. I knew that eating that crap or drinking too much would ultimately only hurt myself. It would hinder my progress and make the next day even more tough. It's not easy to make better choices for yourself but over time you begin to desire those things less. I PROMISE.

3. Build up your support team

This experience made me realize the value of transparency and having a network of people around you who know what you're doing and support you in it! It was invaluable to have my friends agree to keep me from overdoing it when we went out to eat and co-workers who went with me to yoga classes. If you're lucky enough to be able to bring in a Coach, Abby is fabulous! Build up your team and thank you to everyone who was on Team Rachel!

4. Make it livable

I loved Abby's theory of 80/20. This made it so much easier to make it through because I knew that it's ok to have the burger occasionally, I can't have it 4-5 times a week. It's ok to have a glass of wine or a beer, I can't have 4 beers every night. I enjoyed the times when I wasn't eating on the program and made it a goal to not feel bad about it. It's really easy to get discouraged and say "FORGET THIS!" and then to undo all the good you've done. You don't lose the weight or get healthier or stronger over night. You have to wake up and start making the choices that you know will get you there. The gains are small but they are oh so worth it! Start today living like your ideal self would live and make it happen! You can do it if I can! 

5. Love the skin you're in

On week two of this challenge, I lost only 1 lb. ONE MEASLY POUND. I was so frustrated because I had been working so hard and it wasn't showing where I wanted it to. In my frustration, a co-worker had emailed me about the revamp and I accidentally responded to my entire office of 700 people that "I haven't lost any weight and it's really getting to me. 😭😭😭😭😭😭" I was mortified that I had aired my weight loss struggles to my entire office but now when I look back it's hilarious. That email sent me to a much better place. Not only was I kicking myself for not losing any weight but heaping all that stress on myself wasn't doing me any good. I had to take stock of why I started this 30 day challenge and what my ultimate goals were. 

When I approached the next week with a much more forgiving attitude towards my body, I lost almost 4 lbs. Instead of berating myself for how big and flabby I still felt, I started praising myself for each pose I hit in yoga and each song I managed to stay on beat at burn cycle. You only get one body and our relationship with it is just as important as any other relationship in your life. Love it and you'll be amazed and how it loves you back.