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Day 24 Re-thinking Spectator Food


Fall is one of my favorite seasons and mostly because sportsball is back in full swing. I love to watch sports and October is great for a few of my favorites like football, basketball and baseball. I've always loved playing sports and now that I spectate more than participate, the plate and a beer have become my equipment. Athleticism has morphed into a competition of  "can eat as many calories as the athletes are burning on the field". 

It was not uncommon for me to show up and blow through 4 pieces of pizza, snacks and 6 beers during a football game. Unfortunately this leads to me to feel super sluggish, even more depressed if my team loses and my pants tight. 

This challenge has done just that, forced me to look at how I move through my life to look at how I can make healthier choices. One of those areas is how I consume food while watching my favorite sports. 

This weekend when watching football games I'll probably make sure I eat a healthy meal or salad before I go. I will likely show up with hummus and kombucha and the beer is maybe dessert. It's not that I no longer love pizza and beer (they will always be my one true love) but I am finding that my body is happier when those items are consumed in much smaller less frequent quantities.

So this weekend instead of the pork out try and combine your healthier choices with your love of sports and GO TEAM!