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Summer Means Seasonal Salads & House Made Beverages

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to eat fresh, healthy and delicious!  Garden Bar has you covered with tasty and nutritious seasonal salads and refreshing house made drinks.

The Panzanella
We created the perfect summer salad just for you. Healthy, light AND satisfying, The Panzanella is filled with romaine, arugula, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, Mama Lil's Peppers, Chèvre, croutons, fresh herbs and Antar's Vinaigrette.  

Refreshing House Made Lemonades and Ice Teas
Nothing quenches your thirst better than icy cold beverages made with real ingredients. Starting June 11th, enjoy delicious Garden Bar Lemonade and Iced Tea made in house with fresh whole lemons and Steven Smith tea.

Available at all Garden Bar locations, get them while they're here!



This Month: Our Garden Chefs Create Location Specific Salads


The best salads in Portland just got better. Starting November 8th each GARDEN BAR will feature a special salad created by one of the location's Garden Chefs.

Brewery Blocks / Pearl District
The Thanksgiving $12

Created by Alfredo, this holiday inspired salad features crisp butter lettuce, roast turkey, seasonal sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, dried cranberries, chives and is topped with house-made truffle dressing.

Old Town
The Achy Breaky Heartichoke $12

No mullets or cowboy boots required to enjoy Nick B's creation. This two-stepping' salad is made of romaine and spinach greens, marinated artichokes, cherry tomatoes, Spielman's bagel chips, grated parmesan, roast chicken, applewood bacon and topped with a combination of housemate truffle and chimichurro dressings.

Park Square
Oregonian $9

Sam L's Made in Oregon salad will have you dancing in the rain forest.
Garden Mix + Kale, quinoa, corn, dried bing cherries, hazelnuts, feta, and the perfect mix of truffle and Green Goddess dressings.

Division Street
Heavenly Harvest $10

Your taste buds and energy levels will soar to new heights with Cassiel's special salad.
Kale, shredded carrots, quinoa, seasonal sweet potatoes, fresh herbs, feta, grated parmesan, pepitas, and croutons topped with oil & vinegar dressing.

Postal Building
Fall in love with Miso $10

Your taste buds are going to swoon over Mikee's combination:
Garden mix, kale, spinach, beets, potatoes, dried cranberries, feta, applewood bacon topped with our miso dressing

Director Park
Save the Sea $10

Inspired by the sea but without anything fishy. ;)
Kristie combines butter lettuce, spinach, (Beluga)black beans, (Coral Reef) cauliflower, (Sea) cucumbers (Radical) radishes (Deep)bleu cheese crumples , small farm egg and hemp seeds topped with Sea-sar (Caesar) Dressing .



Garden Bar Welcomes a Touch of Little Shop of Horrors to the Menu


Our current special salad is an ode to the Portland Center Stage's production of Little Shop of Horrors.

Created by Garden Bar Chef Gabe and Alice of Portland Center Stage, The Audrey II is delicious!
Romaine, baby spinach, butter lettuce, dried cherries, beets, hazelnuts, applewood bacon, croutons, avocado, goat cheese, and topped with House-made Bloody Thyme Vinaigrette. 

Available Oct 7th - Nov 7th, a portion of each sale will be donated to Portland Center Stage at The Armory in support of their mission of inspiring our community by bringing unexpected stories to life. Grab one today!



Day 30 - She did it!


Well hello Challenge buddies! It's been 30 days and a lot of work but I have lost almost 12 lbs and 5 inches! I achieved my personal goals of building healthier fitness and eating habits over the 30 days and I'm excited to keep going! Here are some things I've learned a long the way:

1. What goes in, must come out

It is crazy what a difference eating right makes on your sleep, mental health, energy and your digestion. If you eat like sh*t, you're going to feel like sh*t. There is no way around it. This was one of the biggest lessons I learned. I didn't realize how much I felt like crap and how good I could feel until I started really adjusting my eating. I truly didn't get tired of salads and now that I've been eating like this for a month, it's hard to go back to eating the crap I normally would! 

2. If it was easy, everyone would do it

There were a lot of mornings that the last thing I wanted to do was go to a spin class or yoga. There were a lot of nights I wanted pizza, burgers, burritos and a big sandwich than the healthy item I had on my menu plan from Abby. It wasn't easy to redirect my brain and my stomach away from the choices that I knew would keep me from my goals but I can't tell you how much easier it got over time. I knew that eating that crap or drinking too much would ultimately only hurt myself. It would hinder my progress and make the next day even more tough. It's not easy to make better choices for yourself but over time you begin to desire those things less. I PROMISE.

3. Build up your support team

This experience made me realize the value of transparency and having a network of people around you who know what you're doing and support you in it! It was invaluable to have my friends agree to keep me from overdoing it when we went out to eat and co-workers who went with me to yoga classes. If you're lucky enough to be able to bring in a Coach, Abby is fabulous! Build up your team and thank you to everyone who was on Team Rachel!

4. Make it livable

I loved Abby's theory of 80/20. This made it so much easier to make it through because I knew that it's ok to have the burger occasionally, I can't have it 4-5 times a week. It's ok to have a glass of wine or a beer, I can't have 4 beers every night. I enjoyed the times when I wasn't eating on the program and made it a goal to not feel bad about it. It's really easy to get discouraged and say "FORGET THIS!" and then to undo all the good you've done. You don't lose the weight or get healthier or stronger over night. You have to wake up and start making the choices that you know will get you there. The gains are small but they are oh so worth it! Start today living like your ideal self would live and make it happen! You can do it if I can! 

5. Love the skin you're in

On week two of this challenge, I lost only 1 lb. ONE MEASLY POUND. I was so frustrated because I had been working so hard and it wasn't showing where I wanted it to. In my frustration, a co-worker had emailed me about the revamp and I accidentally responded to my entire office of 700 people that "I haven't lost any weight and it's really getting to me. 😭😭😭😭😭😭" I was mortified that I had aired my weight loss struggles to my entire office but now when I look back it's hilarious. That email sent me to a much better place. Not only was I kicking myself for not losing any weight but heaping all that stress on myself wasn't doing me any good. I had to take stock of why I started this 30 day challenge and what my ultimate goals were. 

When I approached the next week with a much more forgiving attitude towards my body, I lost almost 4 lbs. Instead of berating myself for how big and flabby I still felt, I started praising myself for each pose I hit in yoga and each song I managed to stay on beat at burn cycle. You only get one body and our relationship with it is just as important as any other relationship in your life. Love it and you'll be amazed and how it loves you back. 



Day 24 Re-thinking Spectator Food


Fall is one of my favorite seasons and mostly because sportsball is back in full swing. I love to watch sports and October is great for a few of my favorites like football, basketball and baseball. I've always loved playing sports and now that I spectate more than participate, the plate and a beer have become my equipment. Athleticism has morphed into a competition of  "can eat as many calories as the athletes are burning on the field". 

It was not uncommon for me to show up and blow through 4 pieces of pizza, snacks and 6 beers during a football game. Unfortunately this leads to me to feel super sluggish, even more depressed if my team loses and my pants tight. 

This challenge has done just that, forced me to look at how I move through my life to look at how I can make healthier choices. One of those areas is how I consume food while watching my favorite sports. 

This weekend when watching football games I'll probably make sure I eat a healthy meal or salad before I go. I will likely show up with hummus and kombucha and the beer is maybe dessert. It's not that I no longer love pizza and beer (they will always be my one true love) but I am finding that my body is happier when those items are consumed in much smaller less frequent quantities.

So this weekend instead of the pork out try and combine your healthier choices with your love of sports and GO TEAM! 




Day 14 Sometimes You Need to Treat Yo' Self


Part of the wisdom of age is definitely developing a self scanner. Learning to listen to your body, better judgement and experience is all a part of doing this thing called life. On Friday, my body was telling me, "This is a LOT right now. Too much going on and we're on the verge of getting sick. Let's gear down big shifter".

So instead of doing all the drinking with the Friday afternoon we-just-got-paid-crew at my office, I enjoyed my kombucha in a wine glass (per Abby's survival tips for the weekend) and got my nails done. Self care is part of the getting healthy game and each day I'm trying to get better about feeding my body and my soul.

It's not easy but it's getting easier and always worth it! 




Day 11 - 30 Day Revamp Struggles...


Anyone who has seen me in a yoga class can agree that balance is not exactly my strong suit. My plane pose looks more like my plane is about to be a plane crash not a graceful machine in flight. 
I will admit that my diet is another area in which I struggle with balance.

Week One? Rocked it.

Week Two? Taking a long ride on the struggle bus.

While permission was granted from the lovely Abby to enjoy a burger at the beach, I managed to abstain until Tuesday night. Unfortunately it was way harder than anticipated to pump the brakes on an almost total binge. I can't tell you how bad my stomach hurt on Wednesday. It is pretty crazy how quickly your body adjusts to eating healthier foods and how bad you feel eating crap.

My work and personal life has gotten busier and adding in all these new health and fitness routines has been an adjustment. It feels a bit like my boat might capsize and all I want to do is self medicate and eat my feelings.

I will not claim that I have this balance thing figured out but I'm taking a hard look at my habits. I am already discovering that there is beauty in having the glass of wine because you earned it and not drinking the whole bottle. I didn't want to go to BurnCycle today AT ALL but I got up and went. It was hard but you know what I'm stronger than I was yesterday and that's what this challenge is all about for me. Each day proving to myself that I am better than the day before.


Rachel!  The honeymoon period is over and now the day to day work has creeped in on you.  This is completely normal and why I am excited that we are working together for 30 days.  We get to work through the ups and downs of your journey TOGETHER.

Find that sweet spot- BALANCE- where you get to enjoy that burger without binging and sabotaging your efforts is KEY, and you are doing it, step by step!  It takes practice but is do-able.

I am super proud of you.  You are working through this baby step, by baby step!  


1) Take a minute today to plan your weekend meals- yep, by now you are understanding that planning and prepping is the KEY. And it gets easier the more you do it.

2) Stock up on Kevita probiotic drinks or Kombucha. You can pour these into a wine or martini glass and enjoy your non-alcoholic drink along with everyone. This has been a huge help for detoxers in the past. You can add a lemon or lime wedge and drinking out of your martini glass will make you feel special.

3) Treat yourself to something special to do this weekend that is non-food related. Sign up for yoga class, get a message, mani-pedi, go on a family hike, make a cup of tea and read a book, take an Epsom salt bath, get a facial......

You get the gist, but do something special for yourself this weekend. You have been working so hard and you deserve it!

Onward and Upward!

Abby Bliss White
Holistic Health Coach, CHHC, AADP





Day 5 - Ending the Week Feeling Good


Hiya Challenge friends! 

Wahoo! First week down! Did my weigh in this morning and I am down 4 lbs! BOOM. I'm done right?! FALSE. Still a long ways to go! After a discouraging day yesterday when all I wanted to do was eat my feelings, I woke up refreshed after a good nights of sleep and resolved to do better today. So I doubled down on the classes. Went to BurnCycle this morning. Not as scary, way more packed and still sweated my face off. I think I hit approximately two beats on beat as well! SELF HIGH FIVE! Just killing the game over here friends.

Then I was so sore from spin classes, I went to YoYoYogi with my friend for a lunchtime yoga class. While I was only able to do about 25% of the poses on account of my sore muscles, I still felt much better! I also doubled down on the protein for my salad from Garden Bar to help with that muscle recovery!

Heading to the beach this weekend and taking my leftover salads with me for some added greens! I am attempting balance like Abby talked about so won't likely avoid all the wine available to me but I won't drink a bottle by myself!

See you all next week and feel free to follow me @geerachel on twitter for the obligatory beach photos I'll be posting. 


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Day 4 - Hurdles and Inspiration


Dear Abby,

We need to talk about some stuff. First of all, I want a burger, fries and a beer. Can you please recommend a Bliss method item that might taste like these items? 

I did my first spin class today! That was hard and also maybe a little scary? I made the mistake of introducing myself to the instructor before hand so when she wasn't yelling, "LET'S GO THURSDAY!!!" it was "YOU GOT THIS RACHEL!!!" When you feel like you're pedaling for your life and someone is screaming your name it gets intense. 

Can I borrow a heart rate monitor for my next class because I was afraid I was on the verge of a stroke today? It was however, the most sweaty I have been since I was in Africa so I think it worked? Am I also supposed to consume a gallon of water after class, because I couldn't drink enough water?

I'm also sad today at the state of our country and it makes me want to eat alllllllll the things. think that the sugar intake in the form of wine may be higher tonight. Forgive me nutritionist for I have sinned, it has been 24 hours since my last sugar and there will be more tonight. *Sigh* I will eat a salad with steak and hopefully that will work for my burger craving? 

Anyway thanks for all your help! 
The Team Rachel Revamp Captain

Hello Rachel:

I completely FEEL you honey.  You have been working so hard on week and this is ALL NEW too.  So take a deep breathe.  
First, we are not trying to be PERFECT but just making PROGRESS-- so you get an A+ on that front.

Now,  weekends can be tough because we usually associate weekends with party time -- and that can include alcohol and other goodies (burgers/fries/pizza-that we may be REDUCING.  
BUT-- I am a big believer in BALANCE.  So I would suggest having your burger, maybe skipping the fries or having a few and a beer.   The key is not to have overdo and have 6 beers, a double bacon burger and large fries.   Does that make sense?  You get to indulge but in a mindful and balanced way.

Here are tips to get you through the WEEKEND!

1) Take a minute today to plan your weekend meals- yep, by now you are understanding that planning and prepping is the KEY. And it gets easier the more you do it.

2) Stock up on Kevita probiotic drinks or Kombucha. You can pour these into a wine or martini glass and enjoy your non-alcoholic drink along with everyone. You can add a lemon or lime wedge and drinking out of your martini glass will make you feel special.

3) Treat yourself to something special, that is non-food based. Sign up for yoga class :  ) , get a massage, mani-pedi, go on a hike, make a cup of tea and read a book, go see Bridget Jones' has a baby, take an Epsom salt bath, get a facial......

You get the gist, but do something special for yourself this weekend. You have been working so hard and you DESERVE IT!

I truly believe that the MIND is POWERFUL.

If you are not familiar with Kevita Drinks-- here is the link- www.kevitadrinks.com
Attached is a little inspiration for your day ahead.


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Day 3 - Skittles and Rainbows


Day 3 - Holler Challenge buddies! Did y'all see Donald Trump Jr. call refugees SKITTLES this week? They were already my favorite candy but the response from Mars Inc. was perfect. Speaking of rainbows, Abby and other nutritionists will tell you that you've got to eat the rainbow when health is your goal. Although I have to agree with Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jones' Diary "there is an alarming lack of blue food." 

Another key to health and wellness is to cook. It is so easy to swing through a store or grab a quick bite from an eatery within walking distance of your house (they know me as Batman at East Side Deli to give you an idea of how often this is my life) instead of cooking a nutritious meal at home. However, I've found it's so much better to make dinner instead of grabbing dinner even though it requires a bit more work.

Thanks to the plethora of recipes from the Bliss Method, I was at the store last night filling up my cart with a rainbow of fruits and veggies. I stoked my OCD tendencies and arranged my purchases in ROY G BIV order when I got home. After that I was busy making salad for dinner, soup for dinner tonight and kale chips and crispy snack peas for snacks when those cravings hit!

Having healthy choices at the ready is key! 


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30 Day Revamp - Day 2


Hello Revamp buddies!

I slept like a boss last night thanks to Abby's 1 hour prior to bed blackout of screen time. (Apologies to all my late night scrabble buddies that I might neglect over the next few weeks!) Did some reading today on the sleep habits of people I respect and if you want to be successful and healthy, the key is sleep apparently!

Second day of the challenge and today's struggle is to not think I'm on a diet. I keep reminding myself that this is how I eat now. Definitely wanted a sandwich at lunch so enjoyed the Schoolyard Bounty Salad Special instead. The salad has potatoes on it that I am happy to report stuck with me all day because being hungry 2 seconds after you've just eaten is about as much fun as a hangnail. 

Besides being delicious, a portion of the sale of each of those salads will be donated to Schoolyard Farms to support their mission within the Portland community. Get in and grab one!

Next up, my first spin class at BurnCycle! (nervous face emoji)

Thanks everyone!


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30 Day Revamp - Day 1


Hi there! I'm Rachel! Welcome to the 30 Day Healthy Lifestyle Revamp ! I'm excited for you to join Team Rachel.

To start, I'd like to announce that I'm not one of those "skinny fat" bitches who wanted free spin classes. I've been described as everything from "rubenesque, husky, rotund, packing a few extra pounds" and my wii fit makes that horrible "you're crushing me" sound when I step on it. I like burgers and fries and you can tell by my thighs.

I signed up for this challenge for a couple of reasons, the first being that I recently completed a triathlon and this would lead one to believe that I'd be waif-like like a flower, but sadly I am not.

The other reason being that on a recent trip to visit my grandparents, my grandmother prayed for my diet before the meal, so it seemed like it might be time to get some higher powers involved. Enter GARDEN BAR, Bliss Holistic Health, BURNCYCLE and YoYoYogi.

I want to make changes in my life. I want to continue to complete more endurance events in the future and I know that I need to get healthier to do so. It's time to be my healthiest fit self and this challenge is the swift kick in the ass I need to achieve my goal!

Over the next 30 days I'll share all the things and hope that you'll join me for a yoga or spin class or two!

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Please meet our 30 Day Healthy Lifestyle Revamp Participant - Rachel Gardell!



Rachel won us over with her great energy and honest and witty submission.

In a very short period, we received over 180 submissions and had a tough time picking from all the fun, enthusiastic, and heartfelt responses we received - thanks to everyone for taking the time to initiate a positive change in your health.

Please check back in each week to help us cheer Rachel on her journey - which starts today!



Getting Kids Involved in Urban Farming

schoolyard farms urban farming education

This month's salad special is a collaboration with Schoolyard Farms - a local non-profit that teaches kids how to grow nutritious food that goes from their schoolyard to their plate. Mini-production farms are created on underused schoolyards to produce vegetables that feed into healthy school lunches. The onsite farms also  act as outdoor classrooms giving the kids hands on experience growing and harvesting their own food. The end result is a more knowledgable and healthier generation of kids - something we can really get on board with!

Schoolyard Bounty Salad - Romaine, Baby Spinach, Broccolini, Parsnips, Sweet Potatoes, Red Onion, Dried Cherries, Pepitas and house-made Roasted Eggplant & Garlic Dressing - made from eggplants and garlic harvested from the Schoolyard Farm and then roasted and blended with buttermilk, lemon zest, moscatel vinegar & E.V.O.O. 

A portion of the sales of the Schoolyard Bounty Salad goes back to supporting this urban farming program. So enjoy the delicious bounty while it is here while knowing you are contributing to a great cause.






30 Day Healthy Lifestyle Revamp - Looking for a Participant!



Thank you for the great response - we have been overwhelmed by the number of entries and enthusiasm.  We will respond to everyone that applied prior to September 13th at 10am before the end of the week.

Thank you and have a happy and healthy week!


Have you been in a healthy lifestyle slump?

Need a plan and a friendly support team to get moving in the right direction?

Willing to take share your journey publicly? 

We are looking for ONE enthusiastic and committed person to participate in a 30 Day Healthy Lifestyle Revamp.

For 30 days Bliss Holistic Health, Garden Bar, YoYoYogi Fitness, and Burn Cycle will provide our participant with:

- practical nutrition coaching

- sustainable menu plans

- nutritious salads and dressings

- restorative yoga

- invigorating cycle classes

- and lots of positive encouragement and accountability!

If you, or someone you know, are serious about committing to a healthier lifestyle and would like to take part, please send a brief description of why you want to participate and why you think this challenge would be a good fit for you. 

Email to marketing@gardenbarpdx.com

Please note: There is no cost to participate but you will be asked to write weekly journal entries that will be shared on social media platforms. 



Garden Bar Teams up with CAP


At GARDEN BAR our mission is to contribute to the health our our community through the promotion of healthy eating and living habits, and partnering with local small businesses and non-profits. So it was natural that we would want to team up with Cascade AIDS Project (CAP). CAP is the oldest and largest community-based provider of HIV services, housing, education and advocacy in Oregon and Southwest Washington. 

"Cascade AIDS Project helps people put their lives back together by securing housing, finding essential medical care, and dealing with the countless issues that make the difference between giving up or getting up and going on. With HIV and AIDS, the huge emotional and financial burden to all affected by it can be staggering."

CAP holds many fantastic fundraisers throughout the year such as the Aids Walk in September, the Art Auction in May, and Bat n' Rouge in July. We are proud to be holding a month long fundraiser at GARDEN BAR through the sales of our August salad special, The CAP Turkey BLT.

The CAP Turkey BLT was created by CAP Special Events Coordinator (and all around fun Portland person!) Andrew Shayde and GB chef Gabe. Butter lettuce, roasted turkey, bacon, tomatoes, sweet piquante peppers, cucumber, dried cranberries, bagel chips, tossed with our house-made bourbon maple sherry vinaigrette make this number delicious AND nutritious.

Available for the month of August, $2 from the sale of each CAP salad will be donated to Cascade Aids Project to support their mission in the Portland community.

So come down to any of our 6 Garden Bar locations to enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch while contributing to our amazing Portland community.



Director Park is OPEN!


GARDEN BAR location number 6 is open!

Come in and grab your favorite salad and settle in at one of Portland's most enchanting public urban plazas. Located directly across from the Fox Tower in downtown Portland, we're sure this will become one of your favorite lunch spots.

GARDEN BAR Director Park
817 SW 9th Avenue, Portland, OR

Mon-Fri 10:30a-4:00p





Portlanders: Get Free Salads Faster!


Lunch hour can get busy at GARDEN BAR and we want to ensure you to get your salad when you need it. And as a bonus for planning ahead, we now give you DOUBLE loyalty points when you place your salad order online weekdays before 10am. 

  1. Place your order online before 10am Monday-Friday.
  2. Choose your pick-up time and location.
  3. Come to GARDEN BAR at your chosen time, by-pass the line and go straight to the cashier, and your salad will be ready and waiting.
  4. Receive DOUBLE loyalty points!